10 Life Saving Tips For Couples Working Together – 24/7 Marriages

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What happens when the love birds join forces in business? Working can be intense! Isn’t it? And it can be MORE INTENSE when it comes to the couples working together. What is more awkward than having a 24/7 marriage? Believe me throwing a rotten egg on someone is easier than getting through this ha-ha!

You may love your spouse very much and often loves the time spent together. Weekends are the brilliant days to have some time off from work and spent it with your family. But what happens when you get married to someone working in your office? Or finds your true love among your colleagues and decides to have a live in relationship?

You are frustrated by the question “You are married and you work together! How on earth you do this?” and you have a secret answer in your heart, “It’s awful and I want suicide!” Well my dear, it happens. Being a working couple and life partner at the same time is a tough job to handle. It’s a dare not done by many people.

There are many people who are in 24/7 marriage and are brilliant couples working together. Life can be easier if you can manage the home and work load in balance. The easier way to avoid destructive marriage is to follow simple tips from some successful couples working together. Believe it or not, there are many companies and business owned by couples who work together and are in 24/7 marriages.

10 Simple Tips For Couples Working Together

  1. Prioritize Your Relationship:

Make sure that your relationship is your utmost priority. Jobs or projects may come and go, but this person with whom you have decided to spend your whole life, this is your universe. Never let it go. Before thinking as colleagues or couples working together, think as a husband or wife once. If you have reached the point in selecting one thing, select your partner. You may be exhausted by the work pressure, there may be different view points on the project you are working on, you may have conflicts, but never let it go upon your work.

  1. Understand What You’re Getting Into:

If you are getting married to one of your colleagues then do consider the pros and cons. There will be times when both of you won’t agree and can have conflicts too; will you be able to overcome the situation? Will you tolerate other colleagues around your lovely spouse? Will you tolerate the promotions of you partner?

Getting into a 24/7 marriage is a tough thing but not that much tough as you think. All you need is to understand the thing you are getting into and manage well. Famous together working couples understand the work importance as well as their personal lives. They are never confused.

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  1. Set Boundaries!

Set clear boundaries between work and home. Office work must be discussed in the office and same is the case with your home. Office should never be discussed in home.  Home is only for spending some good time together. Going for grocery shopping, cooking, watching movies, laying in bed, taking care of kids, home is all about your family not work. Working couples home management is the basic thing to cope.

  1. Physically Apart

Be physically apart in the office whenever it is possible. It is not necessary that if you are a couple working together you have to be at the same place every time. Your other half may be working in the same company or business but at any post. He/she may have important chores to do. So if it’s possible to be away they are apart at your office hours. The problems with the couples working together are that they always try to convince each other as husband and wife during the work hours and then the 24/7 marriage thing just blow up.

  1. Divide and Conquer:

Most issues among the couples working together are that they want their other half to understand everything and to do all. You have to divide home chores also to avoid any conflict in 24/7 marriage. Office hours are intense and hectic. One has a lot of work pressure and deadlines to meet. After all this, when you enter your home, you freak out by tiredness and be seeing messed up home and kids jumping around you to listen.

Divide some simple tasks equally. Dish washing, pick and drop of kids to school, grocery shopping, home cleaning, moping and cooking can be equally divided. Most successful couples working together do this often to avoid disputes while they are at home. It is totally okay to take up some chore when your partner is feeling too low.

  1. Keep Personal and Business Issues Separate

There are times when couples working together can have a dispute on some personal issue and all that rage comes out in office hours. AVOID doing this. Everyone out there has personal issues but they don’t make it a public matter. It is really awkward by showing madness on a personal issue in office hours. What happens in home stays at home and what happens at office, stays at office.

Avoid discussing office issues at home too. You can spoil your partner’s good mood at dinner table just by discussing something he doesn’t want to listen.

  1. Treating Spouse In Office

Treat your spouse like another colleague you treat normally. When we start thinking our spouses as we treat at home, then work cannot be done properly. People around you may also feel awkward if you will behave like honey-bunny relationship. Be professional. Treat as any other office mate. Be like good professional grownups. Take things as you take in case of other colleagues. Be mature and be exemplary couple working together.

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  1. Act Like Married Couples

The best tip for working couples is to act like married couples! Couples who work together usually forget that they still have a married life to take care of and they still have to spend some quality time. Give your spouse some very good time. Set out a date, pick up a restaurant, wear up your best dress and just go! Give out morning hugs and kisses. Make coffee and drink together. Watch out a movie with a bag full of popcorn’s. Go out for shopping. Buy gifts. Act like you are still teenagers.

  1. Safe Time!

Make a safe time when you are a working couple and wants a successful 24/ 7 marriage! Like you can decide mutually that from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. work will not be discussed. Such kind of restrictions will avoid you being into stupid disputes on office matters and can strengthen your relationship. It will also allow you to focus at your home also.

  1. Get Professional Help!

If your 24/7 marriage isn’t working well and you have tried your best to keep it alive then you need a professional help. Try to reach someone like a counselor or consultant to solve your problem.

Even friends and family can also eradicate your problem with your couple working together issues. So don’t feel embarrass for asking help.

Simple steps in life can be life saving for you if you are working together and are married. Sometimes the problems are not so big; it’s just we who are lack the ability to sustain a beautiful relationship. Couples working together who are in 24/7 marriage can have a wonderful ideal life. If you are facing any issue regarding your work and life, do contact us. Share your ideas, stories and views regarding working couples and 24/7 marriages.

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