10 things you should ask your future spouse before you say I do!

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The greatest achievement is to marry the perfect person and no joy can be greater than this. Okay we understand that you are very much excited and very much busy in planning for the upcoming marriage. But have you figured out certain things with your future spouse before spending your whole life with him/her?

Some things need to be answered before time and if you haven’t asked the following questions to your spouse, now is the best time. Set a date with your spouse and discuss these things with love and affection so that you can spend a better life together without any conflict.

Here are the 10 things you should ask your future spouse before you get marry!

1. How much money will we spend on home and luxuries?

One needs to discuss this before getting married that what will be the percent of income to spend on home, trips, car or any other luxury.

If your future spouse has a high income then spending money on luxuries is not a big deal; but if your future spouse has low income then things needs to be discussed. You can also discuss if both of the partners will work or not. You can also arrange a specific amount of both of the incomes together (if you want to).

2. What will be our roles at home?

If both of you are working persons and spending 8 hours in the office you will be much tired at the end of the day and here comes the conflict portion. Your tiredness will lead you to dispute over household chores.

Home needs to be taken care of and for working partners it becomes conflicting if just one has to look after everything at home after hectic working hours. If house chores are divided, then it will be easier for both of the partners. Discuss it and resolve the future dispute.

3. Are we going to have kids?

Some people love kids and want them so badly. If your spouse wants kids and you both agree on it, then discuss other things like the expenses to bear a child and all such stuff, his education, needs, etc all need to be planned.

You can also discuss how many kids you people want and at what time intervals. If you are not kids loving couple then you can give more time to each other and think about it later in some stage of your lives.

4. What is the importance of religion?

You need to know how much religion important to you is. If you and your future spouse belong to different religions you need to discuss about it seriously.

Like will you celebrate your religious holidays together? What will be the religion of your kids? Do you respect each other’s religious thoughts? Does your spouse want to change his religion?

5. Will you consider my debt your debt?

The most important thing to ask is, are you under any debt? If you are under any debt that needs to give a serious look you have to tell your future spouse before marriage. It’s not a good gesture to hide some huge amount of debt and revealing it afterwards.

Discuss it if your future spouse will eradicate you from the debt shit? It is important to disclose debt at the right moment specially if there is a huge difference in the amount of income you both are earning.

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6. What is the ultimate financial structure?

This question can solve many of the financial insecurities among the spouse. The planning of financial structure depends on the amount of income both of you earn. If this amount is more than usual than the financial structure is huge including luxuries and other stuff.

But if you are low income couple then conflicts can arise on fulfilling the mortgages, debts, kids’ expenses and other relatable stuff. You should ask how much money are you both going to earn annually and what are your goals about it.

7. How much time we have to spend on work and home?

If you are a working couple you need to decide what will be your working hours before marriage. Talk about it if you’re working hours is too early or too late. Your working hours directly depend on how you will behave at home after office.

If you have a night shift and your future spouse has day shift then both of you are not getting enough time to spend together. So talk about it earlier. You can switch to the shifts or jobs in which your personal life gets no disturbance. So don’t ruin your marriage by earning more money and enjoying life less!

8. Do you understand all those ways in which I express my love?

Saying “I love you” several times is not necessary when you don’t mean it in your actions. Simple acts of affection can express your love for spouse. Devise your ways of expressing love as every couple has their own and enjoy a good life.

Talk to each other, listen to each other, try to understand the unsaid words, and express love by paying a sudden visit with cute gifts or just a simple lovely text from the office asking about having dinner together at some special place. Understanding your spouse is everything.

9. Why you are marrying me?

Most importantly know the exact reason why does he/she want to marry you. Is your social status or just your good heart? Know why does he/she admire you and stick on to that beautiful attribute which made your spouse fall for you. Sometimes all you need for motivation is that single objective of falling for your future spouse.

10. What are our future goals?

Define your future goals and the stage where you want to see yourself as a couple after ten years. Defining a goal is necessary because a distinct path is planned. If social status is everything for you then you have to work hard.

It can also cause many conflicts in your personal life too because the priority is your status. So devise a perfect way of prioritizing things and goals accordingly.

Hope you are going to have a wonderful married life by resolving all such things before marriage. Your future spouse may think you are very mature and taking your marriage seriously. Believe me it’s a good thing.


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