35 Signs You Have A Long Term Relationship!

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Is there really a thing like Long term relationship? Of course there would be! In a fast and advanced world where we see one night stand to short term relationships, there are people who still have a partner for a very long time. Are you really thinking that the guy which you are dating for past 6 months categorize into a long-term relationship?

Oh come on! We are talking about the couples who have been together for years. Couples who are planning to sign the lease for their next apartment, couples who haven’t left a single place in town to go and couples who we see together from high school and still wishing them to get married!

Confused? Let us tell you if you have a long term relationship or not. Judge these signs and guess if you have a long term relationship with a beloved idiot you never wanna loose!

35 Signs You Have A Long Term Relationship!

1. Constant texting!

If you are with the person with whom you don’t feel like texting always but he is the apple of your eye, he is the one! The only texting you do is short and sweet but not lousy and dull. You don’t tell if you are going to toilet or eating or pooping or getting irritated with each single beep!!

Long Term Relationship

2. Bye bye make up!

Your make up days are gone. It doesn’t matter if you are looking a hot badass or a gentlemen or a messed up person. There is no mask you can wear and you enjoy the real you. No more self censoring with the person you are with so long.

3. Too much pictures!

You stop taking pictures because your mobile is already full of thousands of pictures. The only pictures now you take are at special occasions. When you go through the old pictures from so many years you see yourself a totally changed person. What a freak you were when you started dating.

4. Bye Embarrassment

Long Term Relationship

The shy thing in the start which stopped you from sharing everything, GONE! You talk about the way your boss is gross to the color of your poop! It’s even okay to fart or burp loudly. No shame days means perfect long term relationship!

5. Endless vacations

You have been to so many places together and the list never ends. There are a lot of memories from wonderful trips you went together and still planning to go some new places. Such vacations and breaks from hectic routine create a heart centered intimate relationship.

Long Term Relationship

6. Private language

Whenever he says something special (which is simple, though) but you are unable to describe it that how it is special or how it has made you feel so good. That is the thing we call private language! Every couple in a long term relationship develops their own private language which only they can understand.

7. Inside jokes

You have developed funny inside jokes about things which nobody will get. You often say them in public but Yay! It’s only YOU who are laughing and enjoying the moment you made the thing a JOKE.

Long Term Relationship

8. PJ’s

The best thing about perfect long term relationship is that you spend all the day in pajama’s or shorts. If you have started doing this in your relationship, believe me you are doing it right. Moreover, changing clothes in front of each other become a routine thing and that’s totally okay!

9. Morning Breath

When you love a person, you love everything about him. Even morning breath doesn’t come in your way. So no worry of brushing your teeth because you don’t want to miss morning snuggles and morning kisses.

10. Sleeping posture

You don’t have to take care of how you sleep when you are in a long term relationship with someone! It’s totally okay if you drool in your sleep. It’s even okay to be a wrestler while you are asleep or be like sleeping beauty!

Long Term Relationship Sleeping posture

11. Same Toilet

Using same toilet and using it as your short conversation area becomes a routine thing for you. Oh this sign is a good thing. You do brushing together and even fight for going in first. Some couples are so far in their long term relationship that they even pee while the other half is brushing his teeth!

12. Tantrum Queen

Not in mood? You do pillow fight or boxing with your partner. Have good mood? You do tantrums like you are the queen of this universe. Tickling, wrestling and teasing becomes a part of your relation. if you want to sustain a long term relationship these little deeds of love keeps the spark alive!

13. My favorite season

The best thing and best sign of a long term relationship is that you don’t have to watch everything which he/she likes! Both of you can enjoy your own leisure time by watching your ‘own’ favorite seasons or movies. He may love watching ‘Narcos’ or she may love watching ‘Friends’ over and over.

14. Not seeing each other

If you are not living together then the best thing about a long term relationship is that you don’t have to see each other every day! Both of you understand that you have work to do and apart form that a social life to maintain. It’s totally okay if you are busy somewhere because at the end of all that stuff you will be again together.

15. No Imposition of Friends

Her friend from high school who always miss the old days, or his friend from college who is a complaining melodrama! You just don’t have to hang out with them. Couples in a long term relationship don’t impose their friends on their partners if they don’t like them. You don’t want to hang out with them it’s totally okay, go enjoy with your choice of friends. Nothing is going to change anyway.

16. The marriage question!

You are always getting that question from everyone:

“When are you guys getting married?”

You have been together for so many years and everyone wants you guys to get marry now. Even your marriage is a greater excitement for them than any royal marriage.

17. Cancelling outside plans

Your friends make an outside plan, you try to give them excuses and cancel it because you want to spend that precious time after office with your beloved. If he has cancelled his night club plan with his guys KISS HIM!

18. You are the answering machine!

You know each other so much and everything that you can’t stop yourself from answering if anything is asked from your beloved! That also become somewhat awkward but you can’t just resist it! True sign of a long term relationship!

Long Term Relationship meme

19. No expensive gifts!

You don’t have to impress each other with fancy expensive gifts anymore. Now you start to save all money for better plans for each other. Even a flower or a sweat shirt becomes a precious gift at this stage.

20. No filters!

The use of filters become ages ago! Earlier in the start of you relation you used to talk so polite and cherish and now you are a bursting with every type of emotions or words you want to use!

Same is the case with the pictures you send to each other. The real ugly, no makeup, just woke up face!

21. No boredom torture

You just don’t get yourself from boredom torture anymore! You hate opera, casino’s or long boring lectures on life or you hate tanning, going spa or fashion talk. No more TORTURE!

22. Hanging out with family

You know their family so much that you become the part of it. Their family has also developed a sense of attachment with you that even if he/she is not available you go in the family occasions on their behalf.

Even you are attached to the baby born in his family and now he is a kid! Oh my! It’s been so long right?

23. His siblings-My siblings

Even his/her siblings began to seem your own siblings. Sometimes you even forget that they are not your own siblings. They are always complaining or seeking suggestions from you and you enjoy it.

In Long Term Relationship siblings importance

24. His friends-My Friends

Those bunches of idiots whom you love to hang out are no more his friends. They are YOUR FRIENDS now! And you are a pro when you plan some special surprise party for him/her with their friends.

25. Sound alike!

Want to test your long term relationship more? You start to sound pretty much the same! You start to use the words, gaps and even mimic the emotions. Usually, you give the same answers and have almost the same perspective of different things.

26. Look alike!

MOREOVER, you start to look alike. So many years together and now people even assume you were cousins before. No my dear! We are not; we just are emm… alike?

Long Term Relationship looks


27. Weekend at home!

You have spent so many weekends in places that now you just want to be at home, together. The whole week was a mess with lot of office work and other meetings. You only want to sleep, or watch a movie, do laundry or make a delicious dinner together.

28. Oh my pet name!

It is for sure that he/she calls you from the pet name he has given to you. You feel really surprised (and strange of course) when he calls you from your real name.

Long Term Relationship

29. Become a listener

In the start you were a complaining machine but now you have changed yourself being a good listener. You also don’t jump into conclusions.

30. Together for century!

You feel like together for centuries because going through all pictures you analyze you have achieved a huge milestone. The college pictures to graduations pictures are so lovely. Look at you now, aww you guys are adorable!

32. Balancing the relation

You have mastered the art of balancing your professional, love, family and social life. It is a big thing! There are no more fights on giving priority because you know what to do right.

32. No ifs-No Buts

There are no more ifs and buts in a long term relationship. Everything that matter is the person with you. You have given him priority over any other thing and you don’t want to jeopardize it.

in Long Term Relationship no if no but

33. Value thoughts

In a long term relationship, if you have different perspectives or thoughts, they are valued. There is no more criticism on your view point and you don’t even have to defend it. That is beautiful thing that your thoughts are being respected instead of getting judged.

In Long Term Relationship Value thoughts


34. More than bf/gf

Now if you think of the person more than your boyfriend or girlfriend and started to think him more than that, this is a LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP. You even start to think if you are going to use his last name or not or how are your signatures going to change.

35. Fun never ends

You know what’s the best part of the long term relationship roller coaster?  THE FUN NEVER ENDS! There so many things you want to explore, So many places to go, so many things to learn. There is a never ending spark of life inside you. You be the crazier and relation being the sexier!

Long Term Relationship


If you find all these signs in your long term relationship you are lucky enough. If you have discovered the lovely truth, your life is going to be a blessing!

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