[Tips] How To Create A Heart Centered Intimate Relationship

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Intimacy is all about closeness or familiar towards another person. When you love a person so much that you can even feel his voice in your mind while reading their text you are very intimate to that person.

“Intimate relationships are a gold mine for literature to explore, to understand, to describe.”
-A.B Yehoshua

Remember that when you are in a relation, there is not only “you”. A healthy relationship is where the concept of “we” nourishes with the blend of understanding each other in real meanings. You may know a person, but to know that person’s inside is the real thing to have a strong bond. One cannot know a person just by knowing his likes and dislikes. The real thing is to know how a person feels, what are his understandings and what are his beliefs.

Every person is dual faced, one is shown to the world, and one is only for the person he loves crazily. In the world where people make judgments about others, one cannot be open to everyone. We all have that one specific person to whom we are real ‘we’. So be open ‘in real’ in front of the person you love.

Simple things can make your heart centered relationship and intimate relationship at the same time.

  1. “Listen”

We ought to be heard by someone when we really need one. This is the human nature and one has to accept it. Don’t try to be dominant in the conversation with your spouse, try to be the listener. It has been noticed that once you have become a good listener, your partner will automatically resolve other issues and share every bit with you. By being a good listener one can eradicate the problems and form an intimate relationship easily.

Why we are so close to our friends and never hide anything? Because friends are the persons who are very good listeners and never judge you no matter what! So try to create such intimate relationship with your loved ones. May be all he/she wants is to “listen”.

  1. “Observe”

“You can observe a lot just by watching.” Yogi Berra

Observation is the real key towards a successful heart centered relationship. Sometimes all details cannot be just listened; you have to observe the little things in life. Notice the color of her face going so pale, hand gestures, tucking hairs back to the ear, eye rolling, frowning, trembling hands, eyes not facing you, sitting on the dinner table with you but not eating, hesitation, etc.

Simple things in life can lead us to heart centered intimate relationships. Intimate relationships not end just by being good listener.These simple things can make you feel more nearer to your spouse. You can care for him more by just asking, “Darling, what happened?” and you’ll see the magic.

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  1. “Be Patient”

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” Buddha.

Patience is everything. Stop yourself getting involved into an argument or fight otherwise you will ruin your relation. Sometimes we are really pissed off on something and are in very bad mood. Sometimes you really wanna punch hard to your boss or the landlord or anyone. In the meantime when your spouse brings something up you are the one who ruin the moment by spitting out all the anger and bad behavior onto him.

Not being patient can make you say the words you really don’t mean. So if there is something important to discuss and you feel bad at the moment, save it later to discuss. It’s better to save that intimacy and heart centered relationship than to have a dispute and regret it afterwards.

  1. “Ask”

Sometimes listening is not only the factor, you have to speak up. And by speaking we mean all the good things. Even if you have to say something bad or mean, say it in a way that the other don’t get hurt so much.

Ask for little details of his/her life. What is happening in the office, what are her favorite songs these days, why did she cancel the date last night, is she going to visit her parents? When was the last time she demanded a day off from you,  Etc. Simple routine life questions can make your relation lively and force your spouse to think that you are not only thinking about yourself or your relation, but also about your spouse life.

If there is something bad going on and your relationship is in danger, even in such situation never hesitate to ‘ask’. Talk about it. Ask your spouse what is going on and try to fix it. It’s not easy to get the perfect partner so never let it go.

  1. “Appreciate”

Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary. So never stop yourself from saying good words. Everyone likes to be appreciated. Sometimes all we need is pretty good appreciation and when it is the cases in females write my words, ALWAYS APPRECIATE! You don’t want a dispute if you are not complementing her tonight on her dress, ha-ha!

Praise her cooking she did specially for you, the curtains she bought to add new colors to your room, the tie she gifted you and the way she is looking today!

Same is the case with females too, you need to appreciate his hectic office hours and giving you time even after this, his restaurant/club selection, his dressing, the way he looks at you, when he opens the car door for you, ordering your favorite pizza in the middle of the night, texting you from office is you have took your lunch or not and so many things.

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  1. “Respect”

To create a heart centered and intimate relationship, paying respect to another is also one important thing. Respect, honor and integrity are things upon which one cannot compromise. These are the things which can pull you apart and these are things which can bind you in unbreakable bond.

This can be done by paying respect to the person he is, by paying respect to his/her parents, by giving some personal space if he/she is really in need of. Sometimes we are so messed up that we really need some alone time. Instead of getting pissed off on his/her demand of “I want to be alone.” One can simply respect his alone time. May be he is going through a lot and don’t want to throw all the shit on you at the moment.

Intimacy is not a big thing; all you have to do is understand each other and giving yourself completely to the other person. Accepting the other person the way he is is also equally important as giving you to someone. You can change a person’s heart for you but you cannot change the way he is. So try to accept him/her. All the feelings of sadness, guilt, hopelessness, resentment and fear can easily change into joy and happiness. Love, cherish and praise. Life is all about it!

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