12 Facts That Forever alone is not Boring – Being Single is Fun

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Have you ever been alone for a specific period of time or played the role of ‘forever alone’ in your life? Being called the forever alone and watching others to prosper and having best partners are the thing you always wanted. But isn’t being alone good sometimes?

Being forever alone means a lot of friends are going to pity on you. Your parents will probably have serious conversations with you arguing to have a life of your own, have someone to date and marry and SO ON. You colleagues and boss are going to give you extra projects, oh come on whom else are you going to date when there is no date at all right? So much ‘ON’ in your I-am-happy-being-alone life? Because a poor soul like you is forever alone. Forever and ever and ever alone.

But wait, isn’t it super cool?

People who are forever alone are not lazy or boring or introvert or you can say DUMB. They just want some space in their lives. They enjoy being single and it’s their best quality. I mean who else love being alone all the time when one can hang out for the weekend with a sexy date?

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12 facts That FOREVER ALONE is not boring!

Remember that forever alone people are not sad or wasting their lives. They are super cool and we can prove it.

Super sense of humor

The senses of humor of people who are forever alone are so much good that you will be having a laughter champion with you all the time. They are jolly and their jokes will make you laugh out loud! Yes they can LOL you in no time.

forever alone is not boring

Sarcasm is their quality

They are full of sarcasm that sometimes you will be confused what did they said but it will be hilarious any ways.

forever alone is not boring

Cool on internet

Being forever alone is one thing, but being a super cool buddy on internet is another. You will always find their activities on internet so cool that you will be checking their social media every single time.

forever alone is not boring

Their only love

The thing which they trust always and want always and can never ever betray is PIZZA. Because pizza can never leave you, never betray you. Pizza is everything.

forever alone is not boring

Weirdest hobbies

Forever alone people have weirdest hobbies. You will be shocked to know them if you have such guys among you.

forever alone is not boring

Sleepover is a bad idea!

Never have a sleepover with forever alone guys. They are alone for a very long time and they are the KING/Queen of their beds! They sleep like they are in the arena. Caution! Many embarrassing and awkward postures can be seen.

Movie person

Forever alone girls and boys are much of a movie person. You want to see a movie, call them. They will always be available even on awkward times. They love to watch movies, seasons and anime too.

forever alone is not boring

Mac n cheese

Being alone and being forever alone makes people the master chef of Mac and cheese. It’s the best thing to have while you are alone. They even make simple dishes and they are their own cooking masters.

No makeup

You will find them in their sweatpants all day long with no makeup at all! They don’t care how they look because they are forever alone there is no worry to shave or have a haircut or any other pampering thing. They love what they are and it doesn’t matter if nobody likes them! forever alone is not boring

Shopping spree

Want to have the best shopping partner? Call your forever alone friend who have spent a major amount of his life going to Target, bringing useless things and then repeating it again. They are expert in it.

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Boss of their lives

Forever alone are the bosses of their lives. They will clean the apartment like it’s never been and they will leave it and never touch anything. They will go from being a bitch to beauty in no seconds. Well they are the boss. They are their own government. There are no rules.

forever alone is not boring

A walk to remember!

They go on a lot of walk. These walks can be countless; A walk to grocery shopping, a walk to the office, a walk to receive pizza, a walk to toilet, a walk to sofa and so on.

Forever alone people are not boring at all. If you are with a wrong person your relationship will end in vain, a wise person will always take some time to go for another one. Lurking for another relation immediately can again give you a wrong choice which you can regret later. It’s better to wait for the right time and you will know when you are ready to go for a new relationship. Enjoy the time in hand and forget what people say about you. You are the unique version of you and will find your ONE.

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