7 Simple Tips To Affair Proof Your Marriage

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We make things water proof, heat proof and even voice proof, what about making your marriage affair proof? We see marriages which are successful for years and often feel how they have managed to do this while I can’t even manage my daily chores! Well the thing is they have sustained their relationships with lot of trust, honesty, love, intimacy and more than that patience. When we talk about affair proof marriage we forgot the core thing that is secrecy vs. honesty. And in the same way one needs to understand where all such problem does start from.

Affairs are of two types when you are married. There can be an emotional affair in which you are emotionally attracted to someone. You have a deep sense of sympathy or sensitiveness towards someone and you forget to protect your marriage! The second kind is the sexual affair in which you can be attracted towards someone sexually. The question here arises that why does a person gets itself involve in an affair when he his already married! Something must be seriously wrong and need to sort out badly.

Trust and honesty is the base of a married life and they need to be built. No one trusts you the moment they see you. If your spouse is having an affair then it hasn’t started suddenly, you haven’t done this mistake suddenly, your small acts have lead you to such a drastic end and you don’t even know from where does all such crap started.

Some Simple Tips For Affair Proof Marriage

  1. Private Life

Things start with things which you don’t even take seriously and can lead you to be involved in someone very badly. Stop discussing your private life with others. Everyone has ups and downs in their lives. The married couples also face many rough and hard roads in their journey but it does not mean that you have to share these things with someone else. Keep your private life “private” don’t make it public. Doing this can led you to be emotionally attached with someone and leading you to share more things with the person, consequently, leading you to be involved in a relationship hence, destroying your marriage.

  1. Dating

Remember when you met first time and your dating tenure started? Add some light to your married life. There are so many things other than your office hours, home and kids. Date with your spouse in novelty to feel those butterflies in your stomach like the old days. Choose a restaurant/club you’ve never been and arrange this date like you’ve never dated before. Plan all the things you really wanted to do with your date. It won’t let you involve in anyone! Hence, very important tips for affair proof your marriage.

  1. Don’t keep secrets!

What do you teach your kid? Not to keep secrets or else he can be involved in bad things. Same is the case with you. You are life partners and tires of a car. You are like bread and butter. There should not be any boundary between you just like Adam and Eve. You need to share everything whether it is good or bad. By keeping secrets you are cheating on your spouse. You may feel secured from an argument by telling a lie, but lies come in front of you. A destructive secret will never be a secret so do tell your spouse everything if there is something you haven’t said so far.

By sharing all the details of your routine or any other thing, your partner feels important and a bridge of trust and love is built. The best thing to affair proofing the marriage is by not keeping things to you.

  1. Avoid pornography

The worst thing to destroy your sex life is watching porn. You need to understand that pornography is an industry with fake sex facts and are against human nature. By watching porn you may feel bad or some missing factor about your sex life, but in reality this is not case. You may also feel that some other person can fulfill your needs better than your spouse but all such thoughts are total crap. Avoid porn and enjoy what you have “in real”. Those pornography monsters can eat up your happy married life. And can literally indulge you to cheat on your partner!

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  1. Be romantic

Romance is the thing to feel your relationship as fresh as flowers. Initiate affection at simple occasions. Hug or kiss your spouse often, tell them you love them and even show it by your actions. Be the one romantic person which you yourself want in your life.

Buy some flowers back to home, pass gifts to each other, hug your spouse from back in the kitchen, make a morning coffee and give it in bed while she is asleep, say lovely things about her/him, spread cake cream over your spouse face and lick it like you are a kid!

Simple acts of showing love will stop you to cheat on your love. Just avoid affairs while you are married!

  1. Improve your sex life

If you have a good sex life, you can never be attracted to someone else. You need to work on your sex life. Talk to your spouse about it, what does she/he likes and what not. Sometimes you can solve your unsaid problems by simply discussing. So discuss it and moreover try to improve it. Instead of falling for someone, do fall for your spouse.

  1. Prioritize

Your spouse is everything. He/she has changed a lot and is not the person she was in the past. She is living with a maniac like you, cook for you, doing your chores with no complaints, balancing the work life thing, treating your parents well and more than that raising your beautiful kids, why not giving utmost value to this person?

Same is the case with him. He has compromised for you so much. Giving a beautiful time even after hectic office hours is something only employees can understand. Taking you to shopping, giving lovely kisses while leaving home, texting we’ll dine out tonight from office, bringing you gifts on special occasions, opening the car door for you and giving love to your kids is all he has been doing for so long.

So prioritize each other. Your husband or your wife is everything. You are all today just due to him. Meet their needs and expectations. Be affair proof. Make your marriage affair proof.

You see that how simple things can affair proof your marriage and can make your marriage stronger. All you have to discuss and trust. Always remember that ruining your life with another person will give you nothing but destruction. Choose your life partners wisely and then stick to them till end. Imagine telling your grandchildren the story of how you met, nourishes, lived together and now planning to enjoy retirement days together. Life is simple; you need to understand it wisely.

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