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Singles being: “Wow! I just want to date her!”; “She/he is my huge crush! I wish I had guts to ask her for a date!”, “I’m happy being a single, no more commitments!”, “GOD! What I’m going to do now? This break up is killing me”, “How the hell I’m supposed to be anxiety free? No one is interested in me!”; “It’s really a time for looking for someone.” AND SO ON.

Couples and married are like: “I want to propose her but don’t know the best time for it”, “I wish she says a YES!”, “He proposed me and I said NO. What I’m gonna do now?”, “So excited for live in but the pros and cons?”, “I think we should get married, I’m just afraid if ill not be responsible enough”, “Why would you do that? Okay you want a fight? TURN IT ON”, “Kids? KIDS!! OHH KIDSSSSS!” AND MANY MORE THINGS.

Ex and divorcees are always like: “Time to move on buddy”, “I don’t know what was wrong I did everything to fix”, “How I’m supposed to make it alright again?”, “I feel so degrade that I was rejected”,  and a plenty of sad, self shattered and move on things.


Isn’t the life sugar for all of you whom relations and relationships need a SPARK? We are here to be with you through the sugar and spice, the ups and downs, the light and darkness, the bread and butter, the movie and popcorn, the grief and anger, the sadness and happiness, the moon and the sun or you can all say the He and She of life!

Just PING us if there is something we can help you for.